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Egypt is known as one of the most important destinations for tourists, especially from Russia and Europe, and the Arab countries, and this article lets us take you on a tour of the best places in Egypt.

Egypt has many things that made it a great place to visit like the cool climate and the civilizations that made tourism a great experience that would increase the knowledge and culture inside the tourists and will make them definitely happy.

You will find in Egypt a cheap and wonderful journey compared with other countries.


It’s the capital of Egypt and it has many wonderful places and sites to visit. There are many religious places like mosques and churches and there are also many ancient markets and modern shopping centers it has also many historical places and museums.


The best places to visit in Cairo

 Egyptian museum

In Tahrir square, there are more than 150 thousand artifacts showing the beautiful heritage of the pharaonic, Greek, and Roman civilizations.

 Salah al Di Ayyubi

castle is Known as the castle of the mountain and it has a beautiful view of Cairo.

 Cairo tower

It’s the highest building in Cairo with more than 180 meters in the form of a lotus flower.

 Khan al Khalili

It’s one of the most famous markets in Egypt and in the world and you will find handicrafts and leather manufacturers and also copper and silver artifacts in it Giza is one of the best places and most beautiful in Egypt.


This city has a great history with the pharaonic civilization.

 The best places to visit in Giza

The pyramids

It’s the most important destination in the whole of Egypt and it’s a great opportunity to see the greatness of the ancient energetic creativity of human beings.

 Saqqara pyramid:

Called the pyramid of Djoser after the pharaonic king who is buried under the pyramid.

 The pharaonic village

When you visit it you will see how the ancient Egyptian used to live in detail.


A cost city, with a cool climate and beautiful beaches and also wonderful historical places.

The best places to visit in Alexandria

 Alexandria Library

It’s an old library with thousand of ancient books on different subjects.

 The National Museum

It was a palace and turned into a museum and it has historical views of the oldest centuries.

 Al montazah palace gardens

It’s one of the most beautiful places in Alexandra, it overlooks the beach to give you a beautiful view.

Alexandra has beautiful beaches on the coast of the Mediterranean sea.


You can’t gather the beauty of Egypt if you don’t see it If you visit Hurghada.

 The best places to visit in Hurghada

 El Gouna

It’s about 20 kilometers from Hurghada and you can enjoy the beauty of El Gouna and play various water sports and also go on trips on yachts.

 Sahl Al Hasheesh

you will enjoy looking at the clear water while you sit on the back of the yacht.

Giftun island

You can dive and see beautiful things under the water.


It’s considered one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt The best place to visit is Aswan.

The best places to visit in Aswan

Medical tourism places

Aswan is one of the most important medical centers where many tourists heal from many diseases like bone pain and skin diseases.

The most important therapeutic place is Isis island Philae island.

 Abu Simbel Temple

It has a beautiful view of the Nile and is characterized by the remains of the pharaonic temples.

Abu Simbel Temple, the Great Temple, You will see the greatness of the pharaonic heritage in it and I don’t think that someone can miss seeing it.

Abu Simbel temple
Abu Simbel temple

 Siwa Oasis

It’s a natural Oasis located in the western desert of Egypt, southwest of Marsa Matrouh, it has a beautiful lake and many rare plants and it has also many historical pharaonic Temples such as the Temple of Aman

Egypt is a beautiful country with many exacting and wonderful places, not to mention religious and historical heritage, if you want to spend an unforgettable vacation, choose Egypt.

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