Cairo Highlights

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Tourism in Egypt is the best tourist destination from all over the world. The state of ancient civilization is special and you will never regret your decision to travel to Egypt tours.
In this article, we review with you tours of tourist places in Egypt.

Egypt is the heart of the Arab nation, which is covered with beauty, filled with love, and revered by holiness. Egypt is an excellent historical archive with all the meanings of this word. It is the land on which civilizations have emerged, and the other civilizations. it’s the capital of art and life and the capital of culture, science, and religion. Here are the most beautiful tours in Egypt.

The Tour of Egypt

Giza Pyramids

When we talk about tours in Egypt will start to talk about the ancient royal buildings built by the ancient pharaohs, which are called the pyramids.
that Marvel, took a long period between 2480 BC to 2550 BC, i.e. about twenty-five centuries BC. It extends from the Giza area to the Hawara area at the entrance to Fayoum on the west bank of the Nile.
The purpose of building the pyramids was to preserve the mummy of the pharaoh, and facilitate his journey to the other world or help him to ascend to heaven, where King Khufu built the largest pyramid to bury in it. There was a widespread belief among the Pharaohs that the spirit of King Khufu took care of them even after his death. In addition to the pyramid of both Khafra and Menkra, the pyramids are one of the largest tourist places in the Republic.

Abu Simbel Temple

 A place where two huge temples are located in the south of Egypt, these temples were built in the era of Queen Nefertiti and King Ramses.

Khan Al Khalili

Khan el-Khalily is one of the most famous Egyptian ancient markets. It is located within the area known as Old Cairo. It is a very important tourist place in the Egyptian capital city of Cairo. One of the most important features of this Khan is the existence of many important bazaars and vitality, in addition to the existence of many restaurants and cafes also popular, which enriched this market and make him all of his great value.

Qaitbay Castle

Qaitbay Castle is located in the far west of Alexandria. The fortress was built on the ruins of the ancient Alexandria Lighthouse, which was destroyed by a devastating earthquake. The castle is 150 square meters in size, surrounded by a sea square on three sides. The Citadel contains a main tower on the northwest side; a wall divided into an inner wall and contains weapons stores. The outer wall, includes four defensive towers, and a fence, while the eastern wall contains defensive gates for the soldiers. It is also one of the most important castles on the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the most important tourist places in the city of Alexandria.

Taba area in Sinai

Considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Egypt in terms of the magnificence, of the region. I can’t describe the greatness of this place, you should visit it on your own to see it. Egypt is a country of great beauty and magnificent places.  you will enjoy seeing these wonderful old monuments. And we will complete the rest of the features with another article because Egypt does not have enough 1000 articles.

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