Is Egypt safe to visit in 2023?


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Egypt has long been connected with mysticism, history, and culture. It’s no surprise that millions of tourists visit this nation each year to explore the ancient ruins, marvel at the grandeur of the pyramids, and experience the country’s rich culture. However, there is frequent worry regarding whether Egypt is a safe place to visit. In this post, we will look at Egypt’s security situation to assist you to make an educated decision regarding your travel plans.

Political Situation

Egypt’s political landscape has changed dramatically in the recent decade. In 2011, the country witnessed a revolution that resulted in the removal of longstanding President Hosni Mubarak. The revolution triggered waves of protests and rallies, some of which culminated in rioting and the collapse of the elected government in 2013. Things are becoming more stable in Egypt now that a president has been chosen.

Despite reports of demurrers and political bouleversement in Egypt, the situation has greatly bettered in recent times. the authorities have taken several steps to enhance protection and security all through the country, which includes deploying protection guards and putting surveillance cameras in public places. These measures have resulted in a considerable limit in crime quotes throughout the state as nicely as an enlarge in average public confidence.


In current years, Egypt has additionally considered a surge in terrorist assaults. The bulk of these assaults has focused on army soldiers, even though traffic has additionally been targeted. The most infamous visitor incident took place in 2015 when a Russian airliner used to be shot down over the Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 on board. To stop terrorism, the authorities have carried out a number of steps, together with multiplied safety at visitor points of interest and airports.


Egypt, like any other country, has its share of crime. Pickpockets and fraudsters frequently target tourists in congested locations such as markets and tourist attractions. On the other hand, the incidence of violent crime against visitors is rather low. When visiting any foreign nation, it is always good to take measures such as avoiding lonely locations, traveling in groups, and being aware of your surroundings.

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Overall, if you plan ahead carefully by researching security information about each area that you visit then it’s perfectly possible for tourists to enjoy their holiday safely in Egypt. The vast majority of people who travel here do not encounter any problems but all visitors need to remain vigilant throughout their journey just like they would anywhere else in the world.. By following this advice travelers will be able to make sure that they get maximum enjoyment from their trip without compromising on safety

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