Kom El Shoqafa in Alexandria is a mixture of civilizations

Kom El Shoqafa in Alexandria

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Kom El Shoqafa in Alexandria, These cemeteries are very famous in all of Egypt.

especially in Alexandria.

As it is one of the most visited archeological sites in the city.

These tombs are the oldest in the city

and are very popular with the Alexandrians.

There are many historical statues

within the cemetery (still present today).

What makes these cemeteries

in the Kom El Shoqafa area special.

It reflects many cultural aspects of the Pharaonic,

Roman and Greek civilizations.

The cemetery contains a group of statues

that were made in the Pharaonic shape

using Greek and Roman clothing.

Kom El Shoqafa

Kom El Shoqafa in Alexandria

The cemetery of Kom El Shoqafa is one

of the largest Roman cemeteries of the general public.

which were found in the city of Alexandria.

Excavations in the Kom el Shoqafa area began in 1892.

and the cemetery was discovered in 1900

by accident during excavation operations.

Alexandria is the second capital of Egypt.

As this coastal city contains

a large number of pharaonic and Greek relics.

You can see this article on Pompey’s Pillar.

The tombs of Kom el Shoqafa have a great place among Egyptians.

Where these tombs were considered

one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages.

Cemeteries Kom El Shoqafa

History of Kom El Shoqafa region

This area of Alexandria was named by this name,

because of the ancient name of the city “Lucius Kerameikos”.

This name was known to the Romans of this region.

The reason for naming this area

is its reputation for making pottery in the past.

The cemetery has a spacious interior.

And the inscriptions on the walls.

It is a distinct advantage of merging

the Pharaonic civilization with the Roman civilization.

The most important information about the region

  • First, the area was named after this because visitors left pottery remains after their visit.
  • Second, the design of the cemetery of the Kata Komb type.

which is the most famous type of cemetery

that was built in the first century AD.

  • Third, there are many ancient relics in this archaeological area, whether of the Pharaonic, Greek, or Roman civilizations.
  • Fourthly, There are more than 500 relics found.

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