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7-Day Touristic Program in Cairo

Cairo’s attractions include countless museums and pharaonic and religious attractions. It may take several days Program to visit all its tourist attractions.

Egypt Tourz offers you a 7-day program to visit the most important landmarks of Cairo and Giza.

First Day

You can go to the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the
Pyramid of Sakkara and riding a camel during your Tour

Giza Pyramids and Memphis tour my guest
Giza Pyramids and Memphis tour my guest

The Second Day

You can go to Old Cairo and the religious complex “The Hanging Church, Coptic Museum, Mary Girgis Church, the Nuns’ Monastery, Amr Ibn al-Aas Mosque, and the Jewish Temple.

The Third Day

Visit the Cairo Tower and head to the Egyptian Museum and watch the Nile Restaurant.

The Fourth Day

Visit Mohammed Ali Castle, then go to Al Azhar Park, and sit in one of the restaurants.

The Fifth Day

It will be in Al-Moez Street and the houses there, such as Beit Al-Suhaimi.

Al-Sinari House and Sultan Hassan Mosque, and then you can stay in Al Hussein.

such as Beit Al-Suhaimi, Al-Sinari House, and Sultan Hassan Mosque, and then you can stay in Al Hussein.

The Sixth Day

It will consist of a trip to the Pharaonic Village in Giza, and a boat ride in the Nile.

The Seventh Day

It is possible to visit Abdeen Palace and then visit the Egyptian Opera House

Tour Around Egypt And Enjoy its Atmosphere

First Day

The reception at Cairo airport

– I will be waiting for you to carry a sign that says your name

– we will travel by car to the hotel

– after receiving the rooms and resting for an hour

– and then go out to the three Pyramids

– Then after you have had a meal – and come back to rest at the hotel.

– The evening Soothe yourself with an evening on the Nile with a dinner and a show aboard the Nile dinner cruise. Admire the lights of downtown Cairo while enjoying a delicious dinner with belly dancing and an Egyptian folklore show on a two-hour cruise.

The Second Day

Waking early and heading to Alexandria Mediterranean Bride.

(240 km from Cairo, 2 km by car)

In Alexandria, we visit the library – Amoud El Sawary – Qaitbay Castle.

In addition, food in Alexandria – then returns to Cairo.

Access to hotel and comfort.

In the evening he took the train to sleep and headed for the city of Aswan.

The Third Day

Access to the city of Aswan.

Visit the High Dam and the Nile Falls.

Visit the temple of Phila and find out how the ancient Egyptian man

Was modeling the story of Cain and Abel in a religious legend called Ancient Egyptian Man.

The Legend of Isis and Azures.

After the visits, we go to the floating hotel, which we hold for three days In the evening a free tour of Aswan.

The Fourth Day

The cruise ship moved north to Luxor.

The tourist ship in Kom Ombo stands for the visit to The Temple of Horus at Edfu

After returning from the visit, the cruise ship sails.

Enjoy windsurfing amid the waves and enjoy the sunset view of the Nile After dinner there are entertainment programs.

Tour in Egypt, especially Hurghada

A tourist program in Hurghada for a whole week of fun, recreation, and psychological comfort.

Hurghada tourism program for a week, Hurghada has seen great development in the field of tourism since the seventies of the last century, has spread the resorts and hotels, private beaches and tourist villages,

and one of the most important resorts resort of El Gouna, Makadi Bay and the Gulf of Soma and the plain of Hasheesh, followed by Hurghada some of the islands, Al-Jiftun, Abu Munqar, Majaweesh, and Shidwan.

Arab and foreign tourists and visitors from Egypt and abroad flock to Hurghada to enjoy its refreshing and mild atmosphere in most months of the year

although its atmosphere tends to rise slightly in summer temperatures, so it is a destination for many tourists and a destination for many visitors and visitors all year round.

Tourism Activity And The Best Tourist Program in Hurghada For a Week

When we talked about the best tourist program in Hurghada for a week it was necessary to talk about tourism in Hurghada in general

has increased tourism activity in Hurghada in recent times very large and therefore had the largest share of investments,

has been the establishment of hundreds of villages, resorts, and hotels to be absorbed The incoming numbers were increasing every day from each other.

The owners of these tourist buildings have been keen to provide more fun and leisure to their visitors, and have been interested in many activities, especially sports activity, has been built sandy beach balls, volleyball, and squash, and also provided more than the pool in one place.

Did not forget the children in their calculations when they established these hotels and resorts, but they did so and created swimming pools suitable for children and added their own amusement parks and games in order to achieve maximum happiness for adults and young guests.

The First Day Of The Program

The first day Of The Program will be the day of arrival, so after you have your room in the hotel you booked

you will need a little rest in the room, give your body some rest. then head to the new marina and look for a restaurant for a delicious your lunch, And spend your stay on the first day of the hotel with a light dinner, do not forget that you are still tired of traveling.

Second Day Of The Tourism Program

Start your second day with a light breakfast and then go out to enjoy a little swim

You can also relax on a magical boat ride، Then you can go to dibaj mall on highland Road

where you can enjoy a variety of restaurants and many shops where you can shop and eat at any the mall’s restaurants.

where you can shop and eat at any of the mall’s restaurants.

Third-Day in Hurghada

The third day of the best tourist program in Hurghada for a week will be a bit special After we had lunch at the hotel we will head to the center of the country where the old city there,

the city of Dahir After taking an interesting cultural tour we can dine through a desert safari where Bedouin dances and tasty Bedouin food.

The Fourth Day

We will make a full-day trip to El Gouna after eating breakfast at the hotel. You can also know that Al Gouna Resort has located about 30 km from Hurghada.

Its location and its many water channels characterize it and every visitor feels that he has his own private beach.

The Fifth Day

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the hotel’s attached restaurant, we will take our trip to the Grand Aquarium or the Aquarium.

The Aquarium is the largest museum of the marine life of different species, marine life and various species of fish, making visitors a vivid simulation of marine life.

The Sixth Day Of The Program

We will be here early in the morning and have breakfast early in the morning until we prepare for our day trip to the island of Giftun, which lasts about seven hours, including lunch, our trip to Giftun Island at 9 am.

The Seventh Day

Check out from the hotel and are ready to return home.

Do not forget to take pictures and things from this trip to remind me of this happy trip.

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