King Tut and the most important secrets in his life

Tutankhamun of Treasures

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King Tut, Among the most famous of the eighteenth dynasties of the eighteenth family, Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922.

Through the English archaeologist Howard Carter. This world-first entered the cemetery room in 1923.

King Tutankhamun ruled Egypt from 1334 BC to 1325 BC.

He is considered one of the most famous kings of the Pharaonic civilization King Tutankhaten.

The advantage of tut is that his life span is full of secrets.

As Tutankhamun died at a young age, there were traces of fractures in his body, specifically in the thigh and skull.


Information about King Tut

Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922, and its first human entered a year later.

It is considered one of the most prominent achievements in the history of mankind, as the first person has entered this cemetery in about 3,000 years.

After the death of tut, Tutankhamun, one of the most famous kings of the Pharaonic civilization.

Also, his former minister married his widow, which made them many doubts about the way tut died.

King Tut Cemetery

His father, King Akhenaten, ruled Egypt for 17 years. Akhenaten is one of the most famous kings of the eighteenth family.

This king tut is considered one of the most kings, linked to many legends and stories about his death to this day.

King of the Eighteenth Dynasty

King tut a century of secrets, the most famous family of the eighteenth-century

king tut a century of secrets Many stories about the curse of the Pharaohs are famous worldwide.

These events are always shown in many international series and films.

King Tut is one of the kings whose name has been most closely associated with these stories.

Where a large number of research teams that discovered and entered the cemetery died.

What makes this story more mysterious is what they found on the cemetery walls.

There are inscriptions indicating that whoever troubles king Tutankhamun will face many problems.

George Herbert is considered a wealthy British lord, famous for his love of antiquities.

It was from the team that discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun.

George Herbert died of septicemia due to toxic mosquitoes.

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The most famous king of the pharaohs

king tut’s achievements changed the worship of the god Amun

Pharaonic civilization was concerned from the beginning of its worship with the deity.

Although he did not make many achievements or victories in wars.

However, Tutankhamun did many other works that history immortalized.

Akhenaten is the father of King Tutankhamun. He changed the country’s capital from Thebes.

He considered Aten to be the highest deity in the ancient Egyptian state.

King of ancient Egypt

God Amun again

One of the most important things that King Tutankhamun did was when he assumed the rule of Egypt.

Tut gave up worshiping the god Aten as his father used to do.

And the god Amun adopted the chief god in the pharaonic state.

Tut changed his name from King Tutankhamun to King Tutankhaten.

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