holiday in Egypt

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When you start to think about a holiday in Egypt, there are chances that you are thinking about the beautiful sandy beaches and the amazing bright-colored reefs. You can spend your time relaxing on the beaches and enjoying the sights of the treasure such as tombs and the pyramids that are an amazing 4000 years old. Of course, if you want fun then you could enjoy something similar to an underwater theme park and view an amazing collection of ancient treasures under the sea.

The pharaohs’ tombs will be among some of the most amazing sights in the Nile Valley. The whole area will have you transfixed and in complete awe; Luxor will be one place to visit, which is the best for astounding sights. The Red Sea beaches have some of the most amazing natural occurrences. Diving in Sharm El Sheikh is one of the favorite pastimes for tourists of you can enjoy Makadi Bay, which is designed with families in mind. If you want peace and time to relax on your holidays in Egypt, Taba is the place to go since it is so secluded.

When you are on holiday in Egypt, you should remember the Mediterranean Coast that will surround you. It has some of the most amazing and untouched beaches all around, especially Marsa Matruh.

Now all you will need to decide is whether you want an all-inclusive package or if you want to find that bargain at the last minute while you enjoy the rays.

Holiday in Egypt – Nile Cruise aboard a comfortable Sonesta Moon Goddess

You can experience the admirable and the magic of the Nile as you come aboard a comfortable Sonesta Moon Goddess that sails amid Luxor and Aswan on the Nile. There are 49 standard cabins with access to secluded balconies through sliding glass doors, and 4 Presidential Suites with an intimate setting.

holiday in Egypt

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Shark’s Bay Dive Packages

Air-conditioned rooms are available with bathroom facilities for those who desire them. The local reef is ideal for defining and diving in the attic or a night on an approved base to see manta rays, moray eels, perch, Asperous seas, and millions of angles of all kinds with admirable colors and sizes like a turtle.

Holiday in Egypt – 7 Nights Alexandria Tour

When you talk about great deals, there is no other than an Alexandrina tour deal that brings about a glimpse of different periods. During a four-night break in Cairo, you can witness the Pharaonic Mohammedanism and Christianity periods that the Republic of Egypt has gone through. As long as you are on your 2-night vacation in Alexandria, you can feel the Roman period.

holiday in Egypt

Explore Egypt Tour – Enjoy the sights of Cairo, and Sharm el Sheikh and spend time cruising down the Nile

Egypt is a beautiful country and full of history. You can enjoy the sights of Cairo, spend time cruising down the Nile and even enjoy the beauty of Sharm El Sheikh all within a two-week stay. You will get to enjoy the amazing sandy beaches or learn about the amazing legends of the country.

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Nile and Coral Tour Package

One of the most famous parts of Egypt is the River Nile, which flows into the Red Sea. This package will give you the chance to see the beauty on a cruise down the Nile for 7 nights and then a stay in Sharm El Shiekh for another 7 nights. You will arrive at Luxor Int. Airport and be transferred to the ship. There will be a half-day visit to Karnak Temple on the East Bank of Luxor.

Treasures of the Pharaoh’s Package – All of the Treasures of the Pharaohs in Upper Egypt

When you select this package, you will get the chance to see all of the treasures of the pharaohs in Upper Egypt. The tour starts in Luxor, a museum in the open air due to the amount of beauty that is there. You will spend three nights there and then on to Aswan for an extra three nights, the place of the amazing beauty of the country. Afterward, there is another extra night in Luxor before you go back home.

Desert Safari Tour Package for Accessible Travelers

Accessible travelers find rest and relaxation with this desert safari package to the Egyptian western desert. This custom-designed private tour of the Egyptian western desert covers adventure and safari activities in many western desert tour spots.

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Egyptian Oasis Safari Tour Package

The Egyptian Oasis Safari Tour Package is 6 days and 5 nights in Egypt. The tour starts in Cairo, Egypt, and takes you to some of the most famous desert oases in Egypt. You will visit the most famous oases in the Egyptian desert, as well as scenic locations like the Black Mountains, Crystal Mountain, and the English House, and see amazing plants and wildlife on your tour.

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