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Egypt has been famous since ancient times for its curative tourism because of its eyes, rivers, and underground and mineral waters, and because of its soil which contains many materials for the treatment of many diseases.

There are many sulfur eyes in Egypt that contain many unique chemical minerals, which exceed the proportion of all minerals Sulfur eyes in the world, and therapeutic mud is available around sulfur eyes that help treat many bone diseases such as rheumatism, respiratory system, and skin diseases.

There are also many other therapeutic eyes in Egypt, such as Helwan, Ain El Sokhna, Ain El Sira, Fayoum, Hurghada, Safaga, Aswan, and many other eyes that are famous for their black sand treated for many skin diseases.

Numerous studies have proven that the sand dunes that exist in the Egyptian desert contain some radioactive elements that help treat rheumatoid disease, spine diseases, and many acute pains. The body can be buried in sand dunes to feel complete relief.

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Tourist Medical Areas in Egypt

Bahariya Oasis

It is one of the most tourist destinations that the inhabitants of northern Europe intend to treat with warm water, and eyes with a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, as well as there are many ancient Roman wells such as the well of Pashmu well known for a source of hot water, and a source of cold water, which is located in Giza Governorate.


Boulaq wells

It is a very deep well, reaching a depth of 1000 meters, and the water temperature reaches 28 Celsius, so its water contains many therapeutic benefits in addition to the ability of the fine sand dunes that are located around the wells to treat rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis, and cartilage pain, and a tourist resort has been built near From the region to provide all services to tourists.

New Valley area ( El Wadi El Gedid City )

It is one of the governorates of Egypt, so this region is distinguished by its wonderful atmosphere, and it is free of moisture, as there are many medicinal herbs that are used to treat many diseases.

there are also some therapeutic eyes in the region whose temperature reaches 34 degrees Celsius, and there are many useful minerals For the body.

The Hot Eyes

It is one of the eyes that is located in the Siwa region, and it contains many important minerals to treat some diseases such as psoriasis and digestive system diseases.

The most famous of these eyes is the Kaijar eye whose temperature reaches 67 degrees Celsius, and it contains many important elements such as sulfur. Laayoune El Sokhna and staying in one of the tourist resorts that are located near it, where all tourist services are provided in an excellent way.

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