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There are some advices you should know before you arrival to Egypt. We are going to mention seven advices only in this article.

1- Visa Entry

You will need to get a visa to Egypt; you can get it whether online or upon arrival at the airport. It costs $25.

2- SIM Card

We advise you to buy a SIM Card once you arrive at the airport. It is very cheap. You can choose from four companies. Why? To be able to make phone calls and use the internet. There are many packages, which you can choose from, and the staff in the company will provide the information you need to know.

Sim Cards
Sim Cards

3- Fridays and Saturdays

The weekend is on Fridays and Saturdays in Egypt and in most of the Arab countries. This means that tourist sites are much busier these days than the rest of the week.
Therefore, we recommend you not visiting the pyramids, the Cairo Tower or the Egyptian Museum in Cairo during these two days.

4- Foods and Drinks

Do not miss eating Egyptian traditional food. We have here many delicious dishes you can eat like koshari, Fava Beans, Kebab & Kofta, there are many traditional drinks like tea, coffee, and if you like to smoke, you can smoke Shisha.


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5- Drink Alcohol

The Egyptians don’t drink alcohol in the street so be careful when you do that, there are many places like a pub you can go and drink it or you can buy a beer from a market like (Drinks). It is a very big famous shop here for selling alcohol

6- Day Tours

Do not miss to have fun in Egypt, and stay at your hotel. Egypt is a beautiful country so you can walk around, visit the pyramids, ride a camel during the day and have a dinner cruise in the evening.


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7- Tipping

Here is the last advice we mention. There is a word should be known or be adding to your vocabulary list, which is “baksheesh” and means “tip”. You will hear this word a lot here in Egypt. It is very common here and people expect it from you. There is a class of people takes very low wages and tips are just a blessing for them and a way to say “Thank you”.

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