Queen Hatshepsut and her rule over Egypt for 22 years

Queen Hatshepsut

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Queen Hatshepsut, one of the most famous women and queens throughout history, as this woman was characterized by beauty and strength of character.

She is called the favorite woman of Amun. It belongs to the eighteenth dynasty of the ancient Egyptians.

She was married to King Thutmose II. She assumed the reign of Egypt after his death.

 and is considered one of the most powerful queens in the history of Egypt.

Hatshepsut was the guardian of Thutmose III after the death of her husband Until she assumed the throne of Egypt.

The Queen of Pharaonic Egypt
The Queen of Pharaonic Egypt

The life of Queen Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut was born in 1508 BC and is considered the eldest daughter of King Thutmose I.

Ahmose I am the grandfather of Queen Hatshepsut and is considered the leader of Egypt in getting rid of the Hyksos invasion.

This queen is considered one of the most famous queens in the history of ancient Egypt.

Historians consider him one of the most successful kings in the history of Egypt and the world.

The Hatshepsut Temple in Deir el-Bahari, Egypt, the story of this queen has been engraved on it.

in which it recounts many of her life’s situations from childhood until her assumption of power.

Hatshepsut’s education stage

This queen is known for her love of learning and research in many different branches of life.

Where were taught in the era of the ancient state in Egypt, ethics, the principles of reading and writing, and the rules of the Pharaonic language?

She also taught religious rituals in ancient Egypt. Which increased its popularity among the Egyptians because of its culture.

The school system in ancient Egypt was similar to the present, where teaching takes place in the morning until noon.

And the Pharaonic civilization has always been concerned with not distinguishing between the classes of the people in education.

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More information about Hatshepsut from this link

The Hatshepsut Temple
The Hatshepsut Temple

The reign of Queen Hatshepsut

Because she is a woman, the idea of assuming the throne of Egypt was very difficult for Hatshepsut.

King Tuthmosis the First ruled Egypt with the assistance of his eldest daughter.

As it was the only heir to him (because there were no male heirs).The king died when she was twenty years old.

At the beginning of her rule of the country, there were many forms of chaos and turmoil.

Where many of the people of Egypt objected to a woman taking over the country. As a result, she was married to King Thutmose II.

Her half-brother was. He was suffering from several diseases and he was not aware of how to manage the affairs of the country properly.

Her husband died in 1501 BC. After that, the rule of Egypt was shared with Hatshepsut through Tuthmosis the Third.

The most important achievements of Queen Hatshepsut

·  During her reign, Hatshepsut was concerned with strengthening and arming the Egyptian army. It also carried out military campaigns by sea for the neighboring countries.

·  She was one of the kings most concerned with building temples during her reign, and she built her own temple in Luxor.

·  The Queen sent a fleet to the Atlantic Ocean to import rare types of fish.

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