What do you know about the famous Khan Al Khalili market?

Khan Al Khalili market

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Khan Al Khalili Market is a popular market with shops, bazaars, and popular restaurants.
making it a popular destination for tourists who visit Cairo in particular and Egypt in general.

 It’s one of the most important and valuable neighborhoods in the city of Cairo in Egypt, which enjoys a high attraction for tourists from countries around the world.

It was also an inspiration for many Egyptian writers, like Naguib Mahfouz who wrote a novel set in the neighborhood, called “Khan Khalili”, and then turned into a movie starring the great actor Imad Hamdi.

Therefore, this neighborhood has historical, archaeological, cultural, artistic, and commercial value, in addition to being a tourist attraction.

The importance of the market

It is one of the oldest markets in the world, dating back 600 years ago.
Also, it’s the original historical building still exists to this day to remain a symbol of the heritage of this place and its long history.

This market was established during the Mamluk era, founded by Prince Harkis al-Khalili, from the Palestinian city of Hebron.
After that many of Hebron’s merchants migrated to Cairo and started their commercial movement in this market, the so-called Khan al-Khalili market.

This market is one of the thirty-eight markets that existed in the Mamluk era.

Although it was the most famous among them at all and has maintained its position to the present.
which makes it the focus of attention of the pioneers of historical tourism.

 Details of Khan Al Khalili

When you come to this area and start your journey in Khan al Khalili, you will see the beauty of the place, embodied by the shops and adjacent shops side by side.
And mashrabiyat overlooking the street, as well as the narrow alleys that encircle the place.

The merchandise spread over the doors of the shops, the voices of the vendors, the welcoming words,  are all the sights you will see when you visit Al Khan Market.

The wooden seats stacked on both sides of the road are dedicated to cafe owners to attract visitors and customers, and the welcoming phrases you will hear are rooted in the people of this country.
Egyptians have sweet and beautiful words.

Traders and sellers in Khan Al Khalili Market are experienced traders.
Traders know exactly what the buyer or tourist wants and meet his request in a form that makes him completely satisfied and the smile does not leave their faces.

Khan Al Khalili Perfumes

Perfumes, incense, and international brands are available in all stores in Al Khan.
Tourists visit them to bring souvenirs when they visit Egypt.

Khan Al Khalili

Al Muski Street is the most famous perfume street in Al Khan.
You can smell the beauty of its fragrances as soon as you enter the market.

It is famous for the trade of oriental and western perfumes, such as amber, jasmine, wolf, and other fragrances.

Khan Al Khalili Market artifacts

Leather and copper products have a specific place in Khan Market.
so tourists and representatives in the field of acting and guidance visit it to buy some historical supplies and accessories that appear with them such as spears and brass helmets.

There are many silver artifacts of the highest quality in this Khan.
Also include high Pharaonic artifacts, as well as aesthetic artifacts.

The appearance of this market reminds transit of the Turkish markets, which were known as the “bazaar“, which stretches across the entire streets in Istanbul and specializes in one type of goods.

Your visit to Khan Al Khalili Market is a beautiful and irreplaceable thing.

When you are visiting Egypt, do not miss this opportunity.
Visit it and enjoy the beauty of popular markets, and take everything you want from handicrafts, antiques, and perfumes.

It is the best place to buy what you need.

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