Egyptian Traditional Food is a unique experience not to miss

Egyptian traditional food

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In each country, you will find many kinds of food and drinks that distinguish it from other countries. Egyptian traditional food adds more beauty to Egypt to its history and tradition, as well as being one of the most delicious cuisines that can be tasted in the Middle East.

Egyptian Cuisine

Egyptian traditional food is famous for its outstanding quality, flavor, and taste and also for its simplicity and delicious taste.

the main features of Egyptian traditional food are the food diversity and health value especially the traditional Egyptian cuisine, which is very popular among the people in Egypt and visitors from around the world.

You should try traditional food as soon as you arrive in Egypt.

If you come as a tourist to this country you should eat Egyptian traditional food that will make you definitely happy.

Your tour in Egypt ended? What about eating a meal that will make you happy?

Hey, you are visiting this country so you have to enjoy everything that belongs to it, and this also applies to food and drinks.
So do not go to the fine restaurants that serve food that you already know in your country.
You have to choose restaurants with a traditional character in it which you will find new experiences in eating Egyptian traditional food.

You will definitely have a special experience. Eating these traditional foods will give you more in your travel to this country, you will feel the authenticity of this region, it will look beautiful as if you have been living here for a long time.

Many restaurants that serve popular Egyptian food are spread in Egyptian cities, such as Cairo, Alexandria, and the Nile river.

In this article, let’s take you on a tour of popular foods in Egypt.

The most popular Egyptian traditional food:

  • Koshary

Egyptian Koshary is one of the most popular, authentic, and famous dishes in the country, and has become widespread in many Arab countries as well because of its ease and beautiful taste.

This popular dish consists of pasta, black lentils, rice, fried onions, and tomato sauce, and vegetable oil, and it’s a low-cost and simple dish.


  • Tamiya:

It is a common food in the Middle East in particular and has become widespread worldwide as a substitute food for meat, and for vegetarians, it’s a form of street food.

It’s made from chickpeas or beans or both with parsley, onions, and pepper.

It is a common food in the Middle East in particular and has become widespread worldwide as a substitute food for meat and for vegetarians, it’s a form of street food.

They are Egyptian falafel, which is tablets and transported from chickpeas or beans or both with parsley, onion, and pepper.

  • Mallowkiya

One of the most important dishes and popular Egyptian food the best.
It is one that does have an ancient history in Egypt due to the Pharaonic era.

We prepare it with the selected Molokhia leaves, mashed, and cooked with rabbits.
But some cook them with meat or chicken and serve them with a white rice dish.

Don’t miss the Mallowkiya experience when you visit Egypt.

  • Almahshi

One of the authentic Egyptian dishes, it’s old and famous, it has become widespread among Arab countries and many regions in the world.

Eggplant, cabbage, zucchini, and grape leaves stuffed and twisted with rice mixed with vegetables, tomatoes, and meat.

  • Kawara’ and Mumbar

A famous Egyptian dish, cooks lamb, cow, and bowel feet with spicy rice.
Served with meat and bread with a liver dish.

It is one of the Egyptian traditional dishes that it cooked in the oven with onions and spices.
Another cooked stuffed with marinated vegetables.

It is a fatty and high-calorie food, not everyone wants, and it is a popular food in Egypt.

  • Alfisiek

The most famous Egyptian food ever, and is closely related to happy occasions and holidays.

This dish consists of salted fish, then dried in the sun and preserved containers.
to cooking fried after a period of high salinity.

It serves restaurants with some smoked and salted non-fried fish such as sardines, and with onions, lemon, and tahini.

Egyptian traditional food has many distinctive and exotic dishes that also have a unique and wonderful taste.
and if you come to Egypt you should eat some of these items and enjoy the authentic Egyptian taste.

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