Alexandria Library And The Most Important Activities

Alexandria Library

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Alexandria Library, There are two periods since this historical library.

First the old library, secondly the modern library.

The ancient period of the library was called the Royal Library.

It was characterized as one of the largest libraries in this period of time.

Ptolemy, I Soter founded this library during his reign.

And some historical research confirms that

Alexander the Great founded this library. That was 23 centuries ago.

The third opinion confirms that Ptolemy II Philadelphus is the founder of this library.

finally, It was in the third century BC.

In the end, the library was completely burned down in 48 BC.

Recently the library was opened again in 2002 at a ceremony attended by many world presidents.

alexandria library

Alexandria Library The first period

At first, it can be said that the library is the first library was established by the government in history.

The library was established more than 2000 years ago.

What made this library widely known, is the number of books in it,

which amounted to more than 700 thousand books.

Especially historical books like the Aristotle Library.

Ptolemy, I was the first to order the construction of this library.

Then the establishment of the library was completed in the era of Ptolemy II.

Huge sums were spent at this time on building the library in the best way.

The New Library

Julius Caesar burned the Library of Alexandria in 48 BC.

There are some false opinions that confirm

the participation of Muslims in eliminating the library.

Where some believe that Amr ibn al-Aas

when he entered Alexandria completely

eliminated the existence of the Library of Alexandria.

What makes us sure that this story is completely false?

Amr ibn al-Aas entered the city of Alexandria in the year 642 AD.

At this time the library was not present.

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Alexandria Library opening ceremony

The library’s opening ceremony again was jointly between Egypt and the United Nations.

The modern library was built in a location near the old library.

Many world leaders came to Alexandria to attend the library’s opening ceremony.

The opening was at the highest level.

The cultural grant from France for the library

After the library was opened in 2002 October.

The French government presented to the Egyptian government one of the largest cultural deals.

The French government presented a large collection of books to the library.

Where more than half a million books were presented in the French language in various fields.

Such as philosophy, literature, history, geography, and science.

This collection of books is considered in French.

It is the largest cultural group of France in the Middle East and Africa.

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