Giza Pyramids – The most important activities to do

Giza Pyramids

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Giza Pyramids, The pyramids were built 25 centuries ago.

It is classified from the seven wonders

of the ancient world.

The pyramids (Khufu – Khafra – Menkaure).

Although there are no assurances about

the period of building these pyramids.

However, archaeologists believe that

it was completely built in 20 years.

Some opinions say that

100,000 people built it.

And another opinion says that

only 20,000 people built it.

And this region is visited in Egypt

thousands of times continuously.

In this article,

we will show you the best activities

to try when visiting Giza.

Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids are royal tombs

Despite the fame of this tourist region in Egypt and the world.

However, many do not know that building

the pyramids were a religious goal.

Where it was built to be

the tombs of the kings in the era of the pharaohs.

When visiting the Three Pyramids

and the Sphinx in Egypt,

many tourists take pictures.

Besides the Sphinx or the Pyramids.

In fact, there are many activities that can be done during your visit to Giza.

In the next paragraphs of the article, we will show you the most important of these activities.

Riding a Camel

One of the most enjoyable activities

we recommend doing when you visit Giza in Egypt.

Where you can rent camels and take a tour

in front of the Sphinx and the Pyramids.

You can rent some beauty and explore areas

around the pyramids for

a period of time (30 minutes – 60 minutes) at excellent prices.

You will have a Bedouin with you.

To help you ride a camel.

Horse Riding

When visiting Giza Pyramids, do not forget to ride a horse.

It is considered one of the enjoyable activities

that can be practiced in the pyramids area.

Also, horses help increase

self-confidence and treat many diseases.

You can also take pictures on

horses and behind the Pharaoh’s civilization.

Giza Pyramids

The Hantoor in Egypt

The Hantoor ride is a wonderful and enjoyable experience that can be tried in many Egyptian cities,

not only in Giza.

Where you can take a tour

of the Egyptian streets by the Hantoor.

A family or a group of friends can tour together.

Celebrations and festivals

Certainly, this tourist place has the advantage of attracting

all people of different cultures and nationalities.

Where events are held in Egypt, in this region.

Like hosting country heads. Or film festivals.

You can attend evening parties and dance parties and watch fireworks.

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